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Our approach

Software innovation for sustainable development


The key to success of an integrated eco-design approach into business process is the ability to mobilize a range of interconnected and adapted tools.


The management of a sustainable development approach requires the availability of relevant indicators at all levels, from the operational to the strategic.


The concrete involvement of stakeholders in sustainable development project involves the availability of suitable interfaces and dedicated exchanges channels.

Knowledge capture

A comprehensive and sustainable eco-design approach involves the ability to learn from company’s projects and integrate external knowledge.

Ecodesign Studio

An innovative, collaborative and modular software solution for ecodesign

Ecodesign Studio is the perfect software for the deployment of integrated eco-design projects.

Ecodesign Studio integrates now:
- All the necessary elements for project management and exchange among members of the project team
- An environmental assessment module according to NF E 01-005: eco-design methodology for mechanical products, in partnership with the CETIM
- A simplified LCA module
- A knowledge base (materials, processes, eco-design strategies ...)
- A follow-up interface allowing the promotion of the approach through an ISO 14001 certification.

More information on the dedicated website.



Get solid knowledge of an experienced team in eco-design and software publishing
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Guillaume Jouanne

Guillaume has 10 years of experience of consulting in eco-design: integration of the approach, developing software tools, LCA project management… So he brings his vision of the needs of companies and stakeholders.
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Florian Bratec

Florian has dual competence eco-design and software development, thus making a vital technical expertise to the project. Moreover, he provides the link with research projects with UTT.
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Franck Landuyt

Franck, developer in apprenticeship from SUPINFO, brings his many skills in programming and network administration to Altermaker.
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Lou Grimal

Green IT Analyst
Lou’s academic program revolves around two majors: information systems and sustainable development. She brings her vision of Green IT to the company.


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